My Art History

My Art History: Moray College Experiments

I’m sharing some artwork from my school and college years. See all the posts here.

Moray College Artwork

The whole point of an art course, and the first year of art school, is to give you a go at everything so you can learn different skills and find out what you enjoy the most. We studied Art History too and I assume the above were to do with Pointillism. I hope you appreciate how I am sharing the not-so-good stuff too – we all have to start somewhere!

Moray College Artwork

These were drawings and paintings where we had to find the facets and shapes in faces, probably something to do with Cubism.

Moray College Artwork

These are some of my fellow classmates, by the way, and they must be decent likenesses as I can remember them all quite well. I was sure I’d kept a drawing that someone had done of me, but I can’t find it now.

Moray College Artwork

Experiments with collage! This was all done with magazine pages and is another thrilling still life.

self portrait

A self-portrait in the same style. It’s actually pretty fun to do this, though finding the right colours can be tough.

Moray College Artwork

And another, more ambitious, one. You can also see more of the background drawing. Note the plants in the background as that was the beginning of A Theme in my work. More on that next week, when we finish up my Moray College years with my final exam work.

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