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My Art History: Art School Sketchbook

I’m sharing some artwork from my school and college years. See all the posts here.

art school sketchbook drawings

So, after college I went to Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. I have tons of stuff from these three years and I thought I might have to take a week off to sort through and decide what to post here, but then I remembered this sketchbook which I used throughout my first year. It starts right at the beginning – I remember the first three things we had to do were draw a big self-portrait to hang on the wall, build a room-spanning bridge out of paper in teams (literal team building there!) and design packaging for an egg that would allow it to be dropped from a height (mine involved a parachute and did not work).

art school sketchbook drawings

I was accepted late so I missed out on the dubious excitement of freshers week and living in halls and instead lodged with a family in town. These are drawings of my room and some composition ideas for a finished piece. You might see some of these turn up again later.

art school sketchbook - christmas

art school sketchbook - christmas

We also had to draw stuff during the holidays. This is Christmas at my dad’s.


And an elephant planter in my mum’s shop.

art school sketchbook - 30 second life drawings

We did one whole day of life drawing a week, which we got pretty sick of, but it’s so important. These are 30 second drawings, which I turned out to have a bit of knack for. It’s such a ridiculously short time that you have to draw really instinctively. You can see from these how you barely even have time to lift your pencil off the paper.

Next time: who knows! Probably some finished stuff from first year.

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