Day in the Life

Day in the Life


The first Day in the Life on Instagram happened on Saturday and went better than expected. I thought a couple of people would join us in photographing our day, but actually loads did. I had a great time posting photos and checking what everyone else was doing. You can see all everyone’s photos here.

3:02pm. I've been fighting with my sewing machine but look, teddy bear arms! Trying out a @plushpatternshop kit for SCK. #IGdayinthelife

I didn’t have a particularly exciting day, though I did get some sunshine, leave the house and watch Big Hero 6 (Baymaaaaaaxx!). I also got on with the plush teddy bear kit I am reviewing for Super Cute Kawaii (shiny new site there that I was also secretly working on that day), which is proving to be a bit of a challenge, but I’m getting there.

8:45am. Finishing off today's posts for SCK and my blog. Meowchi is helping. #IGdayinthife

It was a little bit of a struggle sometimes to find something halfway interesting to photograph, but I did pretty well and mostly managed a photo an hour.

7:52pm. Quite a gloomy evening here but my snowman lights are cheering things up. #IGdayinthelife

If you missed out this time, I’m sure we will be doing it again, so follow me and Claire to find out when.

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