Summer Holiday – Logie Steading

Logie Steading

Let’s have a look at what I got up to on my Summer holiday when I went up to see my parents. The first day there we went to Logie Steading near Forres. I’ve been a few times before, but the garden and river walk were never open so we did both this time.

Logie Steading

It was the perfect time to visit the garden as everything was blooming and they had lots of interesting plants, as well as fruit trees and raspberry canes. That big bush above is actually hollow so you can go inside.

Angel Bunny at Logie Steading

It was also hilariously windy so we had a tough time finding fun things for Angel Bunny to do. Here he is in an apple tree though. Since I forgot to bring him on my last holiday, I have a lot of catching up to do to get enough new photos for my mum’s annual calendar.


Super giant tree alert! It’s a Wellingtonia and was totally massive.


I borrowed this photo from Jan too as it’s so pretty and my borrowed iPhone 4 camera was incapable of taking more than one decent photo in ten.

Logie Steading

This is Logie House with its massive lawn. If you note the pattern on the slope there, it’s from their robot lawnmower, which looks like a giant Roomba!

Logie Steading

After messing about on an unattended adventure playpark, we also went on one of the walks down to the River Findhorn, which was quite pretty but also kind of muddy and overgrown. And then we had cake and a look in the secondhand bookshop and I amazingly didn’t buy any books.

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