Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

I never think I have enough photos to do another of these posts and then I discover there are loads to share. Thanks so much for taking such cute photos of my products! Here’s my favourites from the last couple of months.

Natasja and I did a trade last year and she took this super cute photo of her new 5 Year Diary.

since its nearly valentines day… love this cute envelope stamp! from @marcelinesmith #kawaii #packaging

A photo posted by ?nikki ? (@papergravy) on

Great idea to use my Jammie Dodger stamp for Valentine’s mail. If you order something from Paper Gravy perhaps you’ll get one!

Deepa started a biscuity mug collection with my Jammie Dodger mug from Society6.

My dad got a mug for Christmas too (and not from me!) featuring the Solar System.

Ghost ghost ghosts! I knew pre-ordering @marcelinesmith’s new brooch was a good idea! It’s pink and sparkly. Lush! ?

A photo posted by Kim Morrison (@wickedsister69) on

Kim was one of the first people to pick up the new Cotton Candy Ghost brooch and shared the first photo too.

veryhungryfaterpillar got one too and took some cool outfit photos. There’s a few more of my characters on her Instagram.


Toni shared these cutie fruity parcels she’s wrapped in my 5 A Day gift wrap. Very neat!

Outgoing #outgoingmail #snailmail #penpals #moreloveletters #snailmailrevolution

A photo posted by Cheryl (@zombiexbrando) on

As promised, I’m picking someone each time to get a special surprise and this month it’s Cheryl who has been making some fun envelopes with my wrapping paper. There are lots more photos so check out her Instagram.

Remember to share your photos with me for a chance to be featured next month – just tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

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