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Japan Recap: Day 15 & 16

I’m posting quick recaps from my Japan holiday on Mondays and Fridays to collect all the links to my highlight lists and full daily photos. More in depth posts to come! (this one’s early because new wallpapers tomorrow)

Moshi Moshi Box

Day 15

It took me a surprisingly long time to have a proper day out in Harajuku. It was raining a lot but I still had fun shopping for kawaii, visiting the Moshi Moshi Box and eating a bunny cream puff!

bunny cream puff

Kawaii fabric at Yuzawaya

DAY 16

Kichijoji kept being bumped off our itinerary on previous trips so I was determined to go this time. It’s a really nice neighbourhood to wander around in with a lovely park. The Yuzawaya craft store is just as huge and amazing as promised and I have some fun new crafts to try soon. I also had a look around Nakano Broadway, which is packed full of secondhand toys, games and geeky stuff.

Inokashira Park

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