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Japan 2016: Kawaii Donuts

I didn’t go to Japan planning to eat a lot of donuts, but there were so many cute ones that I couldn’t resist them, so here’s my top picks for sweet treats.


Siretoco Donuts

I’d seen these donuts online and spotted them in Tokyo Station, immediately changing direction and buying one. I had to go for one of the Tokyo Station varieties but there are loads to choose from with plain, iced and even tubs of round donut holes with little faces. Of all the donuts I ate, this was my favourite. There are branches in other stations too including Ueno. [website]

Floresta Kitty Donut

Floresta Nature Doughnuts

Probably the most famous donuts in Japan as no-one can resist their cats with almond ears. I got mine at a pop-up shop in Harajuku so didn’t have to go out to their main shop in Koenji but it’s worth the trip just for the photo opportunity. There are loads of branches all over Japan so you should manage to track one down. [website]

Mister Donut

Mister Donut

For some inexplicable reason, we never got around to visit Mister Donut before, but I made up for it on this trip, visiting three different branches! They’re really cheap with lots of different options so great if you need a break. You serve yourself, bakery style, so just get a tray and tongs and help yourself. Don’t miss out on their signature Pon de Ring, a ring of donut holes. If you want something a bit fancier, try the Pon de Lion cafe at the Sky Tree where I found this one featuring their lion mascot. Branches everywhere, especially at stations. [website]

Mango donut from Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

I’m a big fan of Krispy Kreme at home but the Japanese flavours are a whole different experience with seasonal flavours, kawaii designs and ice cream donut sandwiches. I only tried this mango donut and it was a bit dry but it looked very pretty. [website]

Cake from Ginza Cozy Corner

Ginza Cozy Corner

And not donuts, but you should look out for Ginza Cozy Corner, which sells some super cute desserts. Despite the name, there are branches all over the place, where you can pick up some perfectly decorated cakes, puddings and pastries. Buy something with fresh cream and they’ll box it up with an ice pack too so it will stay cool until you get home. I tried this strawberry sponge cake which had layers of sponge, cream and crepes and was so light. [website]

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