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Society6 Solar System Comforter Review

Society6 added comforters to their product range last year and I was very interested as I often borrow the spare room duvet for the sofa when I’m sick or it’s especially cold and would much rather have a cute one of my own.


I eventually went for it over Black Friday and ordered my own Solar System pattern in the smallest size, which I got for $62 with free shipping. The comforter shipped only a few days after I ordered but it then took five weeks to get to me. There’s no tracking after it leaves the US so it was a long wait. I also got hit with a big customs fee of £18, which I was expecting, but still hurt.

Solar System comforter from Society6

Once it arrived, I was impressed to see it came with its own plastic carry case, which is great for storage so it doesn’t get dusty or sun-damaged when not in use and also for travelling. It was also much bigger and fluffier than I expected. I had always assumed comforter was just an American word for duvet, but it’s like a cross between a duvet and a quilt. It looked to be thinner than my summer duvet but is actually much warmer.

Solar System comforter from Society6

Even though this is the smallest size, it’s the same size as my IKEA double duvet. I won’t be using it on my bed but it’s good to know it’s there for an extra layer if it gets extremely cold. You can see the quilting more clearly here, which helps it stay super fluffy. The design is printed directly on to the comforter so there’s no cover but it can still be machine washed.

Solar System comforter from Society6

Close up! The design is a tiny bit blurry as is usual printing on fabric but the details are all there, even on tiny Pluto, and the colours are vibrant and true. Since I happened to have a cold, I’ve been using it on the sofa a lot and it’s so soft and cosy! It’s even a bit too warm for me and I’ve not had the heating on at all some evenings. Overall, I’m super happy with it and glad I ordered one. I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of it this winter and might let guests borrow it when they visit, if they ask nicely.

society6 comforters

If you fancy one yourself, I have lots of cute designs available in my Society6 store. Here’s a few more designs I considered buying. I went for a dark design in the end so that I won’t stain it by spilling coffee on it or something! Remember to keep an eye out for discounts and free shipping, which really help soften the blow of a customs fee.


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