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Birthday Presents & Recent Purchases

I didn’t get a lot of birthday presents this year because I couldn’t think of anything much that I wanted. It was much easier when I had a trip to Japan to save for! I did get some cute things though, and had a little shopping spree too, so here’s a few favourites.


When Momiji pretty much make you into a doll, you have to buy one. Pascale has bunny ears, loves Easter chocolate and has a little bunny friend. Would you believe my middle name is Paschale? I think they’ve been spying on me.


It wouldn’t be a birthday with a new plush for my collection and Nicolette got me this adorably lop-eared Rabi-Dango. It has such a worried expression!


My enamel pin collection also got a boost and the Pony People worm is my new favourite. Nic got me the top two and I picked up the Bel’s Art World pins at Hannah Zakari. I’ve even been wearing the artist pin instead of just hoarding them all in my house.

I had a rather depressing series of glassware breakages recently so I cheered myself up with a new glass from the Cosmos range by Life of Jay to match the one I got last birthday.

Having to give up caffeine has basically ruined coffee for me as it’s so hard to find decaf that tastes anywhere near as good. I bought a stovetop coffee maker and it’s definitely better, though I need to experiment a bit more. I did not know that Amazon sold ground coffee so that makes it a bit easier to try some different ones.


And Boden always come through with the vouchers and I got two this birthday so I picked up a couple of the new breton stripe t-shirts. The ombre one is so fun and I don’t own any green clothing so I thought I should branch out a bit.

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