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Recent Purchases: July-September

Let’s see what I’ve been spending my money on this summer.

enamel pin collection - marcelinesmith

Well, enamel pins obviously! Here’s how my cork board currently looks. There’s a few new pins from Hyper Japan, OMOCAT and Naoshi. I also have two more on the way and I’m hoping to add a lot more ghosts now that Halloween approaches.

tokyo manhole cover print

This Tokyo manhole cover print from Woah There Pickle has been on my wish list for years, doubly so when a gold foil version was added. Vicky had a birthday sale recently so I snapped one up and it has pride of place in my studio. It’s so shiny!

pusheen cushion

I’ve been stuck at home for six weeks because of a horrible cold and a lot of work but I popped into Glasgow last week for a bit of shopping. I love this Pusheen cushion – it’s pretty big and only £6 from Primark.

miffy t-shirt

Also from Primark, the prettiest Miffy t-shirt. It’s supposed to be pyjamas but it’s far too nice to waste on being asleep.

sanrio small gift crate

I get sent a lot of subscription boxes to review so don’t bother subscribing to any. I did make an exception for the Sanrio Small Gift Crate as it looked too cute and is really good value. Buying a summer beach holiday themed box when I live in Scotland was a bit stupid but it was well worth it for the bag and towel. More pics at SCK. I can’t wait for the next box, which has a food theme!

El Horno print vend

I also bought a lot of stuff at Hyper Japan, including a chance to try my luck with the el horno vending machine. It was so cool. You can virtually play on Etsy too.

sumikko gurashi glass

And I couldn’t leave ARTBOX without this adorable Sumikko Gurashi glass. My top three are all minor characters (Ghost, Dust, Weed) so I’m always happy when they’re included.


More kitchen additions with the perfect pink coffee cup from Paperchase – so good I need to get another one – and a new kettle! I’ve been using the same basic old kettle for over 15 years so I am weirdly excited by all the features. I got a matching toaster too and had a similar reaction. Technology is amazing.


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