Recent Purchases – January

I’ve scheduled in one of these posts for every month this year so I’ll remember to share all the fun stuff I buy. I sensibly put all my Christmas money in my Japan savings account so I didn’t buy that much in January.


I did stalk Eva Stalinski on Instagram waiting for her to reopen her shop so I could buy one of these sad keys for my keyring. As soon as I saw it, I had to have one. My keys are pretty boring (and both for my front door) so this is perfect to add some cuteness.

enamel pins

I bought some enamel pins from my wish list as well. I’ve had my eye on the ghosts from Northern Spells and then couldn’t resist a snow bunny too.

enamel pins

I also got my pins from the Crowded Teeth Kickstarter (I love Saturn Sprinkles so much!), a night sky pin by Danger In Design and a Rainbowholic rainbow pin, which will be going on my spring/autumn jacket.

enamel pins

Some of these pins were bigger than I expected so my board is running out of space. I already have a bigger one but I need to paint it first.


To help my goal of listening to more new music, I bought a Bluetooth speaker. I didn’t realise quite how life changing this would be, but the sound is much better than my laptop speakers and I can easily carry it around the house for packing orders, cooking or cleaning.


And finally, pens! I have bought quite a lot of stuff for my journal, but I already showed you most of it. These Twin Tip Sharpies have become my favourite pens for journalling – both tips are great for writing, they don’t bleed and the colours are perfect. The light blue and navy blue are my favourites.

rainbow mail

I also got some Rainbow Mail from Rainbowholic but you can read more about that in my post with Natasja at Super Cute Kawaii.

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