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New Gift Wrap Preview

Ever since I discontinued most of my old gift wrap designs, I’ve been working towards having five patterns available again. A few months ago, I had almost decided to order my Kawaii Skies design but then I started second-guessing myself. I finally asked everyone on social media and it turned out I was right the first time as Kawaii Skies got the most votes. Here’s a peek at the design.

Kawaii Skies Gift Wrap - wrapping paper

I felt very happy with my choice when I set up the wrapping paper print file. It compliments my Solar System gift wrap perfectly and works for a few different occasions. It’s just so cheerful.

Kawaii Skies Gift Wrap - gift tags

The matching tags are even more cheerful with a big rainbow on the front. I’m quite fond of the cloud shape for your message inside too.

Kawaii Skies Gift Wrap - stickers

And of course there will be stickers! My Happy Clouds pattern was the second most popular design so I made sure to include plenty clouds.

These are all just mockups so the real products will look a tiny bit different. Most of it has arrived already so it should be available in the next week or so once I take some photos.

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