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Bullet Journal Update

It’s been a few months since I started using a bullet journal so I thought it might be a good time to share how I’m getting on with it. Again, sorry for the lack of photos below, but I don’t use my journal pages in a photogenic way, plus some of the information is personal. I’ll blog about some of these page subjects more generally in future.

kawaii bullet journal

My journal has definitely been getting cuter as I found a lot of useful stuff while decluttering my studio. I find clips really helpful for quick access to my most-used pages. I shared my favourite journalling supplies over at SCK with the rest of the team, if you’re interested.

kawaii bullet journal

Pages I use regularly

  • In The Post – things I’ve ordered online
  • Surprise Mail – to keep track of my surprise mail swap so I don’t forget to reply
  • Go Outside – highlighting every date I go out for a walk
  • Blog Posts – every blog post I write here and at SCK
  • TV Shows – complete seasons I’ve finished watching
  • Films – complete films I’ve watched (with a rating out of 5)
  • New Recipes – what I’ve tried and whether I should make it again

My favourite page is In The Post. I’m just listing the date and item (with separate colours for personal and business purchases). I draw a box when it ships and a cross inside when it arrives. This is so helpful for seeing at a glance what I’m waiting for, things I pre-ordered ages ago and spotting items that are late and need chasing. Plus it’s a good shopping deterrent seeing it all written down.

Recipes is a new favourite too – I printed out all the recipes I’ve been saving online and have vowed to try at least one a week. I’m keeping a list of what I tried with an open box if I need to give it another go (if I messed up or changed too much), a cross if it’s a total dud or a star if it should go into regular rotation.

kawaii bullet journal

Pages I’m not using

I’m not really using any of the date-based pages – I just don’t look at my journal often enough for it to be useful so I add things to my phone calendar instead. Maybe if I did all my work at a desk, it would be handy to check each morning, but I work all around the house so my journal stays by the sofa to update when I have a few moments.

kawaii bullet journal

Pages I’m still thinking about

  • Japan Planning – it’s still a bit early for this
  • Local Events – things I often miss because the date changes each year
  • Blog Post/Product/List ideas – I’m more likely to have my phone to hand when I think of something but it might be helpful to look at a real list sometimes.

Overall, I’m really glad I started a journal as it’s been both useful and fun. I’m learning a lot about how I use it and expect things to keep changing and evolving. I expect I’ll use it a lot more over the summer when I usually spend more time in my studio instead of huddled on the sofa under my comforter!


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