Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Packaging

Plastic waste has been all over the news lately and we all know that we can’t keep ruining our happy planet with single-use plastic. I have a whole drawer for plastic cello bags and my cupboard was full of padded envelopes and bubble wrap and it made me feel bad about my business. (Let’s not even start on my feelings about all these enamel pins that will no doubt end up in landfill one day when the craze passes)

planet earth

I’ve now made a commitment to move towards eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials whenever possible. Here’s what’s happening:

shipping boxes

No more padded envelopes

A large percentage of my orders were shipped in padded envelopes that have a plastic bubble wrap insert. I only have a handful left so almost all future orders will be shipped in cardboard boxes or board envelopes, which can easily be reused and recycled. Above was my first all-cardboard day! It wasn’t much extra work but I will definitely need to start some regular ‘Netflix and box folding’ afternoons to prepare for when things get busier.

Naked Cards

Have you seen Naked Cards? It makes some very good points. I’ve been sending gift wrap sheets in a board envelope with no packaging for 8 years and have had….ZERO complaints about water damage and one complaint about damage to the print. I think it’s pretty safe to start doing the same with all my paper products so I’m switching to paper bags.

paper bags

Replacing plastic packaging

Some of my products currently need the plastic bag – my brooches and badge sets wouldn’t stay attached to the backing cards without one, my fabric purses and pencil cases are too easily damaged (and difficult to replace), gift wrap sets need something to keep everything stored together etc. I’ll be considering ways to change or reduce this in future.

More choice for you

All my product pages (+ Etsy & Not on the High Street listings) have now been updated with information about the packaging. Some products will let you choose plastic packaging (if it’s a gift etc.) or allow you to request paper packaging where I’m still using plastic.

How does this affect your consumer rights?

It doesn’t! If you choose paper packaging and the contents arrive damaged, you are still entitled to a replacement or refund. The only exceptions are products where I have stated that you can request paper packaging at your own risk.

The future

I’m well aware that my business is still not very eco-friendly but I’m trying to head in the right direction. Whenever possible I also try to have my products made from recycled materials, reuse packaging, spend my money with small UK businesses and choose Royal Mail deliveries over couriers (since I’m in a rural area).

happy mail stickers

To celebrate, Happy Mail stickers will be arriving soon to decorate your packages! I’ll also have some in the shop for fellow post fans.

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