New! Rainbow Ghost Brooches

The latest limited edition Little Ghost brooches are here – and now there’s a whole rainbow!

kawaii rainbow ghost brooches

I spend quite a bit a time pondering future Ghosts and have been considering various colours. Eventually, I decided to order the whole rainbow. I didn’t consciously plan this for Pride Month but that’s a very nice coincidence.

kawaii rainbow ghost brooches

There’s six bright colours to choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. You can buy your favourite colour, choose a fun combination, or even order the whole rainbow for a big discount. They’re also part of the Ghost Gang offer – any 2 brooches for £10 including a hand-drawn storage bag.

kawaii rainbow ghost brooches

Which colour is your favourite? I like the yellow best. I’m very interested to discover which colours sell the most and least. I originally predicted orange would be the least popular but purple photographs really badly so that might be a factor.

kawaii rainbow ghost brooches

I had a lot of fun with the packaging too. I was a little worried the brooches would blend into the background but the colours are just different enough.

You can pick up all the Rainbow Ghost brooches in my shop and at Etsy now.

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