New! Wooden Bumblebee Garden Decorations

I’ve been talking up the new product idea I’ve been working on with my dad for a while and now you can buy our new wooden Bumblebee garden decorations!

kawaii wooden bumblebee garden decorations

I made paper bumblebees on sticks last year and one day out for a walk, I wondered if I could make a more long-lasting version. I took the idea to my very handy dad and we figured it out pretty quickly.

kawaii wooden bumblebee garden decorations

I’ll share more about the process soon but he designed some wooden bits for the back that you can fit a stick into, and I made the bees, in the same way as my wooden brooches. They’ve been sized to fit a 5mm/0.2″ diameter garden stick as these are widely available all over the world, in garden centres and online. Sending the sticks through the post would have made shipping ridiculously high (long and easy to snap is a bad combination!) so this way I can just send the bees by themselves.

kawaii wooden bumblebee garden decorations

They’re certain to add a touch of kawaii to your balcony, windowsill or garden and they make great gifts for gardeners. You can even pop them into a bouquet of flowers or potted plant to make an everyday gift more special.

kawaii wooden bumblebee garden decorations

We have a first batch of just 10 bumblebee garden decorations available at a special introductory price of £12 (with 50p from the profits of every sale going to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust). The price will rise once I have a better idea of the long-term costs to be able to sell them wholesale to shops. If you miss out, don’t worry, there will be plenty more soon.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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