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100 Days of Kawaii Characters – The Favourites

I’m looking back on my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project. I’ve shared the least favourite so here’s my favourites and the most popular (in terms of likes/comments).

My Top 10 Favourite Characters

These are the ones that make me very happy that I decided to do this project as most probably wouldn’t exist otherwise.

10. Nintendo 3DS (Day 91)

I definitely wouldn’t have drawn my poor water-damaged 3DS if it wasn’t for constantly having to come up with ideas. I spent a lot of time hoping my friend would get over his bath but it’s still very unreliable. It was fun drawing all the controls and the hinge was so perfectly placed for arms.

9. Fuji in the Clouds (Day 24)

One of the reasons for doing this project was to work on some of the doodles in my sketchbooks. I drew this after seeing Fuji from the plane on my last trip and it’s nice to have it to use for my Japan posts.

8. Stormy Weather (Day 71)

I love designing patterns and this is fun partner to my Kawaii Skies happy weather pattern. I really like the colours in this – all subdued with flashes of bright yellow.

7. Jumpluff (Day 32)

I very rarely draw fan art so this was a fun change. Maybe I will do more in future, though I personally don’t agree with selling fan art so I always feel like there’s something better I could be doing with my time.

6. Cute Cats & Kawaii Kittens (Day 97)

Another of my aims with this project was to figure out how to draw cute cats as it had been on my list for years. It took me until near the end of the 100 days to give it a go but I’m really happy with the patterns they turned into. There will be more cats soon, for sure.

5. Liquorice Allsorts (Day 21)

It was fun sharing quick sketches that I would normally keep to myself until I thought they were finished. These rough ones are so cute though, so I’m glad you got to see them as well as the more polished vectors.

4. Eggs For Breakfast (Day 93)

I had no thoughts of doing an egg pattern, but they kept turning up. I’m really happy with this pattern and all the different characters.

3. Party Rings (Day 3)

The first brand new characters I shared – and my first iPad sketch. They got a lot of love from you guys which really helped at the beginning. Otherwise, I might have felt too self-conscious to post more sketchy characters and the project would have been a lot less fun.

2. Trapped Terrarium Ghost (Day 80)

If anyone remembers my very first ghosts, they were all in jars, and I’d love to have a whole shelf of them again. This was one of the first full timelapse videos I shared as I got more confident about using Adobe Sketch (and letting people see all my mistakes and indecision)

1. Postbox (Day 57)

This was one of my panic ideas, when I was trying to draw a bunch of things for the weekend. Once I added that big mouth, I totally fell in love with it. It’s my favourite because the postal service has been such a big part of my life – penpals, ordering zines and records through the mail, sending surprise packages, working for the Royal Mail, and my twice-weekly trips to the postbox with shop orders. It was also the first character to turn up on a real product – my happy mail stickers.

…And Your Favourites!

100 days popular

This was very surprising for me! The most popular was Party Rings, so it’s nice that we agree on that one. The rest are not in my top ten though. The top 3 are all from the first week so that may be skewed by people checking out the 100 Day Project hashtags, who then lost interest or didn’t follow me. I have more plans for Mr Teabag and I will see about adding the others to my on-demand shops at least, so you can have them in your home.

Thanks again for all the likes – if your favourites aren’t in this post, there’s still time to vote and help me decide which to make into products.


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