Etsy Made Local Glasgow 2018 Recap

I had a great day at Etsy Made Local on Saturday. Big thanks to everyone who came along and shopped or said nice things – and to the Glasgow Etsy Team organisers for another brilliant day. I was too busy to take many photos (hurray!) but here’s a few.

Etsy Made Local Glasgow 2018

I was really happy with my stall display considering it was a bit rushed. My new shelves make all the difference! Weirdly, though, no-one seems to look at the stuff above the table height. I didn’t sell any of the things on the middle shelves (until I swapped the calendar postcards with the Ghosts) and had to constantly point out my pin display to people rummaging in the pin boxes.

Etsy Made Local Glasgow 2018

Which I happily did, because it’s very cute. Look at all those Ghosts! Brooches and pins were definitely the big sellers with Battenberg Cake, glow in the dark Ghost, the gingerbread men and the Avocados being most popular.

Etsy Made Local Glasgow 2018

I spent some very fun hours making these felt flowers for my Bumblebee garden decorations to no avail. My fear was that people would ask to buy the flowers and not the bees but I don’t think anyone even noticed them! I will post more about the kit soon as it is very good.

Etsy Made Local Glasgow 2018

My outfit for the day. I bought some fun stuff in Japan and realised this was a great opportunity to wear some of them. My fluffy Hello Kitty hat is from Universal Studios (everyone was wearing character hats so I had to join in) and was really warm. My Rowlet bag is very silly but actually quite roomy. No one got to see my glitter jumper though as I had a big coat on top.

ceramic zebra

I only got a couple of quick looks at the other stalls. There were a few things that caught my eye but, as is tradition, I came home with a new piece of ceramics. How could I resist a tiny zebra with free pond? It’s by The Star and Heart Studio and they make so many cute things.

I’m already excited for next year!

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