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Cute Socks Are Here!

Back during my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters, I drew some socks and was surprised at how enthusiastic everyone was at the idea of Asking For Trouble socks. I’m happy to say Redbubble have now made your dreams come true and socks are available now!

Cute Socks Redbubble

I spent a few days last month going through all my Redbubble designs as there’s been a lot of new products this year. More on that another time but almost 100 were suitable for socks so you have a lot of choice!

Cute Pencils Socks Redbubble

These socks are made of a knit fabric but the design is printed, rather than knitted in. That means you can use a lot more colours without the socks getting really bulky and they’re more stretchy.

Happy Mail Cute Socks Redbubble

I ordered a pair of the Happy Mail socks to test them out and I’m pleased with them – they’re nice and cosy and the printing is pretty clear, though much fuzzier than the promo image. I’ll share photos and a full review soon once they’ve been through the wash.

Cute Socks Redbubble

Socks are available now at around £13 with 10% off any 2 pairs and 20% off off any 2 pairs. Look out for regular discounts too (usually at the weekend) and especially around Black Friday. The socks are made in the USA but shipping was really cheap I didn’t have to pay any customs fees.

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