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Organising My Kawaii Stationery

I did a big kawaii stationery reorganisation during the 3 consecutive weeks of storms last month, little knowing that was only the beginning of my stay-at-home life. No doubt some of you will end up doing similar things while bored, so hopefully you’ll pick up some tips.

kawaii stationery organisation
Top: Buddies storage tray box from Paperchase. Bottom: Milkjoy sticker box from iYooBo.

One of the top tips from Marie Kondo that realy stuck with me is storing similar things together so one day I got all my stationery from around the house and reorganised it according to how I use it. There’s basically 2 categories: stationery to share with mail friends and stationery to hoard for myself.


kawaii stationery organisation

I had slightly regretted buying this sliding tray box as it’s too shallow for most stationery, but then I realised it’s perfect for stickers. The top tray has my most special stickers, the middle tray has some larger stickers & mini sheets and the bottom part has large stickers. It’s so nice to open it up and have a look.

kawaii stationery organisation

The Milkjoy box has sticker flakes. I have loads of these but don’t get too precious about them so I’m fine to rummage around, and keep the duplicates for sharing. It’s not the best quality box (and really a freebie that comes with a sticker set) but it’s a really nice size with plenty room for future hoarding.

kawaii stationery organisation

I also have quite a lot of sticker sheets! These are all the ones I’m keeping for myself, and I have another pile that I’m willing to use and share. I’ve ordered some King Jim sticker folders (available from Cute Things From Japan, Amazon JP & Etsy) to organise them.

Happy Mail

kawaii stationery organisation

Moving all those stickers has made space in my stationery drawer, which is now dedicated to happy mail. There’s lots of different writing paper, fold & send letters, memo pads and sticky notes to choose from.

kawaii stationery organisation

My Paperchase mini drawers (see below) are also filled with things for sharing. The top drawer has washi tape samples, the bottom has stickers and the right one has sticky notes and memo sheets.

kawaii stationery organisation

I feel a lot more organised now and should get around to replying to all my mail soon. If you’d like some too, take part in my Surprise Mail Swap.

If you’d like to see some of the cutest Japanese memo sheets in my collection, I’ve shared some more photos on my Patreon. I also plan to make my own version of some of the really cool ones that will likely be Patreon exclusives. It’s just $1 to join.

PS. Andi shared some great stationery storage tips on SCK last year – it’s worth reading just to see her incredible collection!


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