Recent Favourites #4

This was originally posted on my Patreon in February 2021 and I’m moving the series over to my blog. It has a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web.

wish list

Wish List

It’s my birthday next month so I am wishlisting hard and trying not to buy anything!

  • This Miffy t-shirt at Truffle Shuffle looks so comfy, plus pink & red is such an unusual colour combo.
  • I’m glad to finally have a name for those gachapon toys where the body fits in the head: capchara. I need Rilakkuma in dungarees so much.
  • Pancake tea in a yellow bunny tin is practically made for me and it was in my cart but I managed to resist for now. Get it from Rainbowholic’s Patreon shop (needs member password)
  • More pink and red! Hard to see but those are tiny strawberries. Boden even sent me one of their irregular £10 off vouchers but it’s expensive for a shirt so I got this pastel rainbow top instead.

Links I Loved

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