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Kawaii Snail Mail Pattern

I’ve got a new kawaii Snail Mail pattern in my print-on-demand stores for everyone who likes sending things in the post.

snail mail Patreon theme

This was my starting point – a promo illustration I created for my Patreon, and later turned into a postcard. I always thought it would make a fun pattern and finally had the time to try it.

kawaii snail mail pattern

While it has some things in common with my Happy Mail design, this is more about writing letters, rather than posting them. There’s stationery, pencils, stamps and some little snails to deliver them. I can’t wait to get some fabric swatches and have tried it with a red background too.

kawaii snail mail on Redbubble, Society6, TeePublic & Zazzle
sleeveless top at Redbubble | throw pillows & stickers on all 4 sites
zipper pouches at Redbubble & Society6 | ribbon at Zazzle

Both the pattern and the Snail Mail illustration are available at Redbubble, Society6, TeePublic & Zazzle on all the usual fun products – apparel, stationery, art, phone cases, bags, homeware, kitchenware, bedding and lots more. They look especially fun on gift wrap and stationery. Here’s today’s offers:

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