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My Desks 2003-2021

This post was originally shared on Patreon but now I’m making it public. I was sorting through some photos and thought it would be fun to show you all my desks. I didn’t get a digital camera until 2003 though so it’s just the most recent 4. Please also enjoy this proof that you can change from a messy person to a tidy one!

2003-2005 – City Centre, Glasgow

my desks

This was my favourite flatshare – there were 4 of us in a top floor tenement flat right next to the Glasgow School of Art. The landlord didn’t care what we did so we had a great time. I was temp staff at the Royal Mail sorting office to begin with and then got my job at Terrible Internet Company where I started out having to design 3 websites A DAY. Mostly I worked on my own stuff here – this was the height of my music/pop culture website diskant and Asking For Trouble the record label. Keep an eye out for that red chair as we continue.

my desks

This was my second room after one of my flatmates moved out. It was up in the attic with sloped ceilings and there was a seagull that would tap on the window and then stare at me. I loved that reading corner! The little TV was for playing the original Animal Crossing game.

2005-2006 – West End, Glasgow

my desks

I got a bit tired of all the constant happenings of a 4 person flat once I had a full time job and moved into a tiny little converted garage in someone’s garden. This was my first time living alone and I really loved it – I had my own entrance through a little alley and it was right next to the Botanic Gardens and River Kelvin so I went for walks every day. My bandmates lived around the corner too so it was great for band practice and I started the beginnings of Asking For Trouble here.

my desks

I didn’t enjoy having to convert my sofa into a bed and back every day but it made me realise I am quite happy in a small place and will never need a huge house.

2006-2014 – Bridgeton, Glasgow

my desks

I made a lot of close friends at my terrible internet job and bought a flat with one of them as a way to save on rent. The flat was super cheap but in a pretty dodgy area – people were always getting stabbed nearby. I was on tour when we got the keys and then I moved in and immediately went to Japan for the first time – I don’t recommend doing that!

my desks

I only really used the desk at the top for my sewing machine. I quit my job in 2008 because my RSI was so bad and mostly worked on my bed. I started Asking For Trouble properly here and it really took over my bedroom until I could barely move around. 

2014-present – Helensburgh, Argyll & Bute

my desks

And then I moved to the seaside! Despite all that about living in a tiny home, I couldn’t resist my current huge flat and I do love all the light and space, especially having a separate studio room. I really am as tidy as this photo now, though I open all my mail here so there is almost always a load of boxes and packaging stuff on every surface between shipping days. And yes, I still have the same chair.

my desks

My studio is only where I ship orders and do messy tasks like gluing and stamping. I do most of my computer work sitting on my bed as that works best for my RSI. For iPad drawing and things like sorting stock and packaging pins, I head to the sofa where I can watch some TV. I’ve blogged a few times about my current flat if you want to see more.


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