New! Ghost & Bunny Foil Notebooks

Back in March, I designed some new notebooks including the patterned Pocket Notebooks and rainbow holographic foil notebooks! I was very excited about the latter, and got plenty advice from the printers to make sure they’d turn out as I imagined.

rainbow foil notebooks

Weeks of delays later, they finally arrived and it was pretty much all bad news! A few turned out perfectly as above, but the rest had marks and smudges on the covers and/or the foil on the Ghosts was misaligned with the printed faces underneath. After a lot of back and forth, this turned out to be an error the printers had introduced to my artwork so they were reprinted.

kawaii foil notebooks

The reprints looked perfect, until I realised they’d been done with silver mirror foil and no rainbows. It was so frustrating, not least because these are big heavy notebooks and I don’t really have the storage space if they take a long time to sell. I did get the Ghosts remade again as the rainbow is such a big part of the design. Thankfully, it was third time lucky and I could move on with my life!

rainbow foil notebooks

So, I have a few different varieties available now:

rainbow foil notebooks

The print issues only affect the front cover so they still work as notebooks. The inside cover has a matching repeat pattern and they’re really thick notebooks with 160 pages and spiral binding. Prices include free UK shipping and the first few foil notebook orders will get a free matching holo sticker!

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