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Recent Favourites #13

Another batch of favourites with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and current entertainment.

wish list november

Wish List

  • I really don’t need yet another tiny fluffy bag but I want this Pikachu pochette anyway.
  • These handmade-style Rilakkuma plushies are so cute I can’t decide which one I like best
  • I love Lizzy House’s ghost character and might have to pick up these stickers from her new shop
  • This DIY gingerbread man plush from Noodoll is on my actual Christmas wish list and I really hope I get it

Links I Loved

  • So nice to see I Like blogging again, with some travel posts about Scottish islands and seaside towns.
  • I subscribed to Pom Maker’s newsletter (scroll allll the way down) recently and it’s so good – lots of interviews with textile artists and pom pom fans.
  • I’m a big fan of the new HAPiNS character Usapi, a rabbit chick. Currently only featuring in cartoons on Twitter and LINE stickers but there better be some things to buy next year.
  • I came across this NANA anime rewatch on tumblr, which has some good analysis. I can’t bear to watch the anime again but I have started re-reading the manga and it’s been so nice (and sad!) to be back in this world.
  • You should Build A Frog for a nice surprise
  • The new Rilakkuma Netflix show in an amusement park finally has a firm release for 2022 and I really need it.
  • Someone made a fancy cook book of 200+ real recipes from Breath of the Wild and I kind of want it.
  • If you need some gift ideas, I’m in the Merryn Christmas Gift Guide, which has loads of other indie artists and makers.

Into It!

I have obviously been playing a lot of Animal Crossing since the new update dropped. It has really made it all so fun again and I’ve been changing up my island, re-doing most of my house rooms and letting villagers leave for some new faces. I also got the Happy Home Paradise DLC and that’s pretty great too – designing all these weird home ideas is nice change of pace.

But let me hype up Unpacking – I’ve been looking forward to playing this for a few years now and it was just as cute and relaxing as I hoped. All you do is unpack boxes and arrange what you find inside but there’s a whole story going on and you follow this person from childhood bedroom to student dorm to shared houses, fitting in both old familiar items and new stuff into these new rooms and spaces. It’s very short but totally worth your time and money.


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