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Updating My Calendars For 2022

My calendars have all been updated for 2022 and this is a post I originally wrote for my Patreon back in 2019 that explains some of the process.

2022 calendars

I have 12 calendar designs now so it’s a bit of a job updating them every year – but worth it as most are still quite popular and I sell a few tea towels, postcards and other things throughout the year. The process begins by editing a spreadsheet to update the calendar data and triple checking it’s correct. Then I use a PDF of that to copy the dates into each calendar file and resize/recolour to fit. Many of my calendars have similar layouts so it’s not too tedious. 

calendar comparison

I changed a couple of the designs for 2020 – this one gives my gingerbread man his usual colours back and I put the date in a heart. Still not sure why it was ever yellow!

calendar comparison

I also gave Pluto its own month since we know what it looks like now. No one has probably noticed that I ordered these by their distance from the Sun so the rocket is in between Earth and Mars and there’s a comet for the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I moved the shooting star there instead as they are kind of the same thing and the star is more colourful. Educational!

2022 calendar mugs

I also have to move the dates into the separate mug artwork, though I’ve stopped doing this for older designs as they haven’t been selling recently. Probably because no one wants a permanent reminder of these years! Then I upload everything to my print-on-demand partners. For some of these I can just swap in the new artwork, while others don’t allow this so I have to create new products and delete the old ones.

2022 calendars at Redbubble, Society6, Spoonflower & Zazzle

You can buy my 2022 calendars now from the following sites, who all ship worldwide. Some of the older designs are no longer being uploaded to all sites but I can add them if you ask.

  • Spoonflower (USA & Germany) – cut and sew tea towel fabric & finished tea towels
  • Redbubble (uses regional printers worldwide) – art prints, postcards, cards, notebooks, stickers, magnets & mugs
  • Society6 (USA) – art prints, cards & mugs
  • Zazzle (uses regional printers worldwide) – postcards

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