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Recent Favourites #14

The last batch of favourites this year with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and current entertainment.

wish list

Wish List

  • I ordered a few things from San-X Japan recently but had to talk myself out of this super cute file box. Really hope it turns up in UK/EU shop next year.
  • The cutest planter ever by Shop Zoki
  • emmadoodlez is still making such kawaii trinket dishes and I must have one
  • This Fuku Fuku Nyanko fukubukuro box contains one of my weaknesses – playing cards! – but it’s so expensive :(

Links I Loved

  • It’s extremely exciting to see my book for sale on Tofu Cute’s website.
  • Being an Author: Expectations vs. Reality is a fun read at Book Riot – and something I wish I’d read before I got my own book deal.
  • DickBrunaTABLE seems to be a fancy Miffy cafe in Japan and their Instagram is so cute.
  • Foreigners can now donate to the Ghibli Museum and get an illustrated postcard from Hayao Miyazaki.
  • A fascinating look at the food served in one of Japan’s quarantine hotels – definitely massively better than anything you’d get in the UK equivalent.
  • Really nice piece about The Arches in Glasgow, where I saw a lot of (great and terrible) experimental shows. Looking forward to reading the full book.
Happy Home Paradise

Into It!

The booster wiped out all my energy so I’ve mostly been on the sofa playing Nintendo. Happy Home Paradise has been really enjoyable and I’ve progressed quite far along the main storyline. I’ve built a school, cafe and restaurant, designed my first roommates house and invited over a couple of my own villagers to have a holiday home. I’m also happy to have the snow back on Neptune and will update my dream address soon as there’s been quite a lot of changes. And I FINISHED BREATH OF THE WILD. I was so happy to finally complete Trial of the Sword and my tumblr is now up to date and on a break. Although I got so stressed out with Christmas stuff that I started a new play through in Master Mode, which is horrible and also fun.


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