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Happy Birthday To Me

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I had such a lovely time so here’s a few photos from the day and my presents.

I have complained a lot about my 2020 & 2021 birthdays both being in lockdown but this one made up for it as my family came to visit and we got the most lovely warm summer weather. Now that it’s snowing again, it’s hard to believe this really happened.

Cameron House afternoon tea

I was treated to afternoon tea at the newly-reopened Cameron House on Loch Lomond and it was so fancy! Everything was really good and you get unlimited tea choices as well. We also got a window table so got to enjoy the views while working up to the next cake. You can see the menu at that link if you want to know what anything is.

Cameron House afternoon tea

As well as all those sandwiches, scones, cakes and desserts, we got this starter of smoked turnip veloute, foamed cheese and a duck croquette with plum miso. It was nice to have a look around the hotel and grounds too as I doubt I’ll ever get to stay there (it’s both too expensive and very close to my house!).

Loch Lomond Shores

Much of our other outings were less photogenic but almost as exciting for me as I got to go to IKEA and the recycling centre, and help my dad install a new shelf in my kitchen cupboard. My life is much improved and I’ll have some new studio photos soon.

birthday presents

I also got lots of cute presents! I didn’t even manage to include everything in this photo as it would have turned into a pile of Easter chocolate. I will share more details in another post along with some things I bought for myself.

bunny spatulas

I think these bunny spatulas were my favourite gift – the tiny one is so useful! – but I’m really looking forward to starting the felt flowers kit.

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