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New Pets Products at Redbubble

Even though I don’t have any pets myself, I was excited to see Redbubble were adding a few things for cats and dogs, and made sure to add them to my shop ASAP!

cute dog bandanas at Redbubble

As a bonus, I get to share lots of cute photos with you. These pet bandanas come in two sizes if your dog, or cat, likes to dress up.

cute pet blankets at Redbubble

Pet blankets also come in two sizes and are made of a printed fluffy fleece to keep your pets cosy and your sofa a bit cleaner.

cute cat mats at Redbubble

And there’s fun pet mats in fish and bone shapes, to give your pet a cuter space for meals or rest. This fish shape was quite upsetting to design for, with my extreme love of symmetry, but at least I have lots of cute cat designs.

cute pet mats at Redbubble

I realised I have drawn very few dogs in my time but the bone shape of the dog mat is not very obvious so it can also be used for other pets – though I guess bunnies would just chew this right up.

cute pet blankets at Redbubble

When I’m adding my designs to these more niche products, it can feel a bit weird like surely no one is ever going to want to buy this. But I’m here for all the pets named after food, or who live in post offices, or pet owners who want something to match their home decor or hobbies. You can have a browse of all my designs in my Redbubble store.

Redbubble ship from regional printers around the world so shipping costs are usually low with no customs fees. There’s also some great offers across my print-on-demand partners today:

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