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Creative Kawaii Craft Box

I finished all the projects in the Creative Kawaii Craft Box I got for Christmas so let’s have a look!

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

I got the Autumn 2022 box, which is not the most seasonal thing to be making in January but I love Halloween all year round. You get all the supplies, instructions and patterns/templates for 3 different craft projects so I really love it for trying new things without ending up with a load of stuff you’ll never use again.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

I was mostly looking forward to the cross stitch as the ghost is so cute! I did switch out the plain black aida provide for glitter (available in my shop) for extra fun. Black aida can be a bit tricky to stitch on but I solved two problems at once by photographing the chart so I could mark off stitches on my iPad and then keeping it on my lap and using the light from the screen to see the holes better.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

I could have finished this very quickly but I stuck to one colour a day to slow it down, as you can see in the gif. The backstitch details really add such character! It did come with a frame but I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase so I used a hoop instead and painted it yellow to match the lantern. This way it can be part of my long-planned hoop art wall, which I may actually be able to hang soon.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

These boxes usually include a sewing project and this time it was a bat using a soft plushie fabric. I’ve done a lot of felt toys but this had some new things including plastic eyes and pipe cleaner wings.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

I really enjoyed all these details and making the wings is really clever. Unfortunately, I hated joining all the pieces together. I really struggled to get the ears and wings in the right place and you can’t see what you’ve done until you turn it back out again. Eventually I just gave up and left them how they were even though they still look a bit off to me and the face and body shape seem wrong too.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

The poseable wings are very cute though! I just noticed his nose keeps moving out of place as well, grr. I’m glad I tried this but I’ll stick to felt in future.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box

And finally the paper craft toadstool trinket box. This was the first project I finished as all the pieces are cut out for you so it’s mostly just a lot of gluing. Some of the pieces are a bit fiddly to attach, and my roof is a bit wonky in places, but it turned out pretty good and looks great displayed next to my mushroom sampler. You can lift the lid off and store things inside too.

Overall, I enjoyed this a lot, even though the cross stitch is the only thing I’m 100% happy with. I’d definitely buy another box if I like the look of the projects. The Winter box is on sale now at the Creative Kawaii Etsy shop, and there’s a few older boxes available too (though not this Autumn one), along with some individual patterns. You can also read my posts about the Summer 2018 and Spring 2020 boxes at Super Cute Kawaii.


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