Recent Favourites #27

Here’s some things I’ve been enjoying lately including a shopping wish list, interesting links I’ve saved and what I’m currently watching/playing.

wish list

Wish List

  • This Ghost Figurine would look great on my Halloween mantelpiece. (Em & Sprout)
  • It’s a plush keychain of a baguette wearing a beret, what’s to explain? (Heemly)
  • I love the entire Rilakkuma x Etoile et Griotte collab but especially this pouch. (VeryGoods)
  • I just find this bacon snack tray absolutely hilarious. (RECORDER factory)

Links I Loved

Not had a lot of brain space for reading articles lately.

  • The Makers Web looks like being a very good thing – a place to sell new and used craft supplies. I will be listing some stuff soon. It’s invite-only just now but I got accepted very quickly. I have invites too if you need one.
  • Ghost choir! I never usually turn on the sound but I’m so glad I did for this.
  • I’m planning to start posting TOTK screenshots and videos on my Zelda Tumblr soon if you like seeing people making fools of themselves because they don’t understand physics.
  • A reminder that I share all my kawaii & Japan links on the Super Cute Kawaii Substack. It’s free!


  • Playing: I finished off everything in Tears of the Kingdom including all 1000 Koroks, 100% map etc. Now I’m starting again to have an easier time of it now I know how to build stuff (and that The Depths aren’t actually that scary).
  • Reading: The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal. Ahhh, this is so good! Basically a classic vintage murder mystery on a cruise ship but it’s in the future in space.
  • Watching: Just finished Ahsoka and Only Murders in the Building (both great). Not sure what to start next.
  • Making: Nothing! I’m not very inspired by my current project stack.
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