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Birthday Week

So much for my return to blogging! But I’m just going to carry on regardless. It was my birthday last month and for various reasons I ended up celebrating randomly over a week so here’s a recap.

birthday presents

While my actual birthday wasn’t especially fun I did get some lovely presents to open from my parents, and then even more at the weekend when I met up with Nicolette.

handmade pouches

How amazing are these handmade pouches Jan made for me? You can really do a lot with a Spoonflower test swatch and it’s great to have some of my enormous collection being turned into something I can use. I asked for passport size so I can use one for my upcoming Berlin trip. But which one?!

kawaii envelope plush

I was also thrilled to get my long-coveted Pokantotan envelope pouch. It’s so perfect and soft and adorable that I can’t bring myself to use it yet so it’s just sitting on my mantelpiece where I can look at it.

Muji snacks

Another of my requests was Muji snacks, after noticing you can buy some online from the UK shop. I haven’t tried these yet (because I also got about 10 tons of Easter chocolate) but I probably should do soon as Muji UK is in trouble and may well be closing all their shops :(


Most exciting delivery was a box marked perishable cakes which is always a good thing to read. It turned out to be a box of Bear’s Brownies from Nicolette. The flavours were double chocolate, peanut butter and Jammie Dodger blondie and they were all really good.

And a few more cute things. The mug and plate are from Primark if you can possibly believe that.

The weekend after my birthday was Easter so I met Nicolette in Glasgow for Korean food at Bibimbap and shopping and then she came to stay overnight in Helensburgh where the weather was much better. It’s so good to see flowers blooming in the park and we also had crepes and played a lot of Mario Kart.

I also bought myself a few things but I’ll save them for another post.

Next stop Berlin! I don’t know if I’ll blog again before I go but I will be posting on Instagram Stories while I’m away.


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