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December 2015

  • Creative Work

    A Year of Wallpapers

    Monthly projects are always a bit of a risk so I’m really proud that I managed to get a new set of wallpapers out on the 1st all through year. I thought…

  • Creative Work

    Weekend Wrap Up

    It’s been a busy week of packing orders, sending and opening Advent gifts (I got some new additions to my type drawer of tiny things!) and seeing the new Star Wars (so…

  • Ideas and Inspiration, Me Me Me

    Sister Advent

    I’ve seen a few people on Instagram who do advent gifts (clickyoverload‘s is my favourite) and I thought it would be fun to do with my sister this year. Having a little gift…

  • Home Sweet Home

    My Christmas Decorations

    I finally managed to get my Christmas decorations up at the weekend and now I’m feeling quite festive (which is good as Christmas is apparently ten days away, what?!). I put my…

  • pusheen

    Christmas Wish List

    My mum pointed out that I hadn’t posted a wish list here yet and while it’s probably too late for anyone to buy me this stuff, here’s ten things I hope Santa might…

  • Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    The last couple of weeks have been so busy, and the weather so hideous, that I don’t have much to report. Really hoping to get my Christmas decorations up and finish my…

  • snowflake ornaments

    Order Now For Christmas

    Black Friday and the Etsy market wiped me out of a lot of stuff so here’s what’s running low if you were planning a purchase. Due to incredible demand and delays with…

  • glasgow etsymadelocal

    Etsy Made Local Glasgow Market

    I feel like I lost a week there, it’s been so busy, but a quick recap of the Etsy Made Local market at the weekend. Short version: it was awesome! There were…

  • Shopping, Travel

    London Shopping

    So this is very late, but here are some photos from my mini trip to London and what I bought. I totally made a mental note to visit Kioskafe, the new magazine…

  • Me Me Me

    Baking Cookie Cute Gingerbread Men

    I was discussing cookie cutters with someone on Etsy and realised I needed to give this a go, so here is how to make my Cookie Cute characters out of actual gingerbread! Warning:…