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Book and zine reviews, plus my own zines and ebooks.

  • craft fair zine
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    New! Craft Fair Zine

    What feels like a billion years ago, me and Claire started planning a hilarious craft fair zine to share our terrible experiences and help people avoid making the same mistakes. We actually…

  • jonathan-e
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    Recent Zine Purchases

    I haven’t been buying that many zines this year but I picked up some great ones over the last few weeks. I came across Jonathan Edwards‘ art on Tumblr while I was…

  • Books & Zines, Sales & Offers

    Zine Sale!

    Once again, International Zine Month passes without me managing to put a new zine together. It’s really been far too long, though I do have three big ones in the works. Anyway,…

  • Books & Zines

    Zine Reviews

    I had a bit of a zine buying binge recently, so here’s a look at my favourites. Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #12-#20 I bought a couple of issues from…

  • Books & Zines

    To Read

    If you remember, one of my resolutions is to read all the unread books on my shelves. I went round and took notes and was very surprised to discover there are a…

  • Books & Zines

    New Digital EU Tax Laws

    Some of you may have heard that there are new tax laws coming into force in the new year, which will require all non-EU businesses to charge VAT in each country’s local tax…

  • Books & Zines

    Summer Reading

    I’ve read so many good books this year – and a few terrible ones – so here’s a catch-up from over the summer before I start doing end of the month things again.…