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End of the month update – March

Oops, I’m a bit late on this one. March was pretty dull, I have to say, up until the last week when it was my birthday, craft markets and stuff. I got a lot done though.

sock monkey

I also had the mega joy of gifting the above superstar monkey from Siansburys to Claire for her birthday. It was pretty lucky to have the only person who would ever think of ordering a Hi-De-Hi monkey (me) know both the only person who would be overjoyed to receive a Hi-De-Hi monkey (Claire) and the only person who could ever make such an awesome Hi-De-Hi Monkey without batting an eyelid at the request (Sian). Well done everyone. He’s called Spike and if you click on him you can see more photos, yay.

Books I enjoyed:

Tehanu by Ursula LeGuin
Finally. I read the first 3 Earthsea books ages ago but could never find the fourth. Luckily I spotted a falling apart copy of the whole quartet with much nicer cover art than my trilogy version. Hurrah. Having now read the whole thing, I’m even more bemused about what book the writers of the Ghibli “adaptation” were actually reading. Maybe they just read a few Amazon reviews or something.

The Island of Doctor Moreau by HG Wells
I love old sci-fi books, and especially love HG Wells’ pompously hilarious prose. This one isn’t his best but it is very creepy and hopefully not what S6 of LOST will be like.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
More doorstop fantasy – I saw the entire set in a charity shop and didn’t buy any, then saw the entire set again in the very next charity shop I went into so ended up buying the first book. It’s a bit generic but they are thick books and tons of them so should keep me quiet for a while. Next two bookmooched already.

Good films I watched:
Hmm, I’m going to have to take this section out if things don’t improve.

Projects completed:
– first two craft markets of the year, pretty successfully
– added my stuff to
– made tons of new stuff
– published my Shopify tips
– Shop and blog design for t-boo

Interesting new blogs in my RSS:
The Singles Jukebox (much-missed round table music reviews return!)
Jenny Soep (live music illustration)
Rancho Cocoa (highly entertaining and cute)
Lizzy House (lovely textiles)

Exciting things I purchased:
– more kawaii stock for SCK
– a heck of a lot of packaging for the craft fairs
– a bunch of second hand books

Most listened to artists, according to
1. Girls Aloud
2. Lily Allen
3. Huggy Bear
4. The Organ
5. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
6 . Annie
7. Findo Gask
8. Mogwai
9. Ladytron
10. Errors

Online sales:
Items sold on Shopify: 14
Items sold on Etsy: 6
Items sold on Folksy: 7
Items sold on Dawanda: 6

Wow, that was a very very quiet month. Although my online sales were way down, people were also buying more expensive things, plus I had craft fairs so it actually worked out better than some months. Bit pathetic that I never bought myself a birthday present though. I should do something about that soon.


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