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End of the month update: October

what I mostly wore in october

I figured I best write this before I go as otherwise my brain will be full of JAPAN and I’ll never do it. And I can’t miss an opportunity to draw me wearing one of my new shoe designs. Ironically it didn’t rain much this month so I’ve barely worn my rainboots. I refuse to pray for rain, even for fun rainboot drawing purposes but I’m sure one of the next 3 months will provide.

Reading, Watching, Playing

A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin
I was planning on waiting a bit longer and re-reading the first book before the TV adaptation but then things have been so busy and I picked it up for some easy reading. And then zipped through all 5 books like I didn’t already know what happens. Seriously, these books. You cannot stop reading them. It’s kind of impossible to talk about them without spoiling the plot like mad but basically they are epic invented history over multiple kingdoms, full of deviousness and war and a little bit of magic, and they’re completely brutal. As soon as you like a character, good or bad, King or small child, chances are they’ll be murdered, maimed, have all their loved ones killed or just be left wandering in the aftermath of war. I know that sounds awful but they’re also full of intricate plots and amazing levels of backstabbing (and giant wolves!) that it makes for addictive reading. And so by the time I got to the end, again, PLEASE just hurry up and finish the next book.

Fire & Knives #4
I have eyed this up online before but at £9.50 an issue it’s not exactly an impulse buy. I saw a copy in Analogue the other week and realised it was well worth the money. Proper interesting articles about food plus nice illustration and photography in a handy sized package. What more do you really want?

I generally don’t write about TV shows until the season is over but just in case anyone hasn’t noticed, Fringe is back and is totally awesome. Every other episode is set entirely Over There and now I pretty much like that Fringe team as much as ours. Excitement! Also, they’ve kindly put the season on a break while I go to Japan so you might as well use that time  to catch up.

Danger Man
As a long time fan of The Prisoner, it’s basically a crime I haven’t seen Danger Man. For some reason, Lovefilm has never had the first DVD available to rent, but since Danger Man is no Prisoner, plot-wise, I decided just to start on the second disc. With Patrick McGoohan as the lead, it’s obviously brilliant and the plots seem so delightfully simplistic compared to our current overly tricksy TV dramas. There’s no season arcs, no layers of twists and no hidden messages, just good old fashioned spy tales. If that Police Chief looks shifty then yes he is the bad guy – not a shape-shifting alien from another dimension who wants revenge for the death of his sister. You can see why McGoohan ended up wanting to make something as mental as The Prisoner. Looking forward to more, though I’m not sure the theme tune is ever going to leave my brain.

iPhone app of the month

Tasker Lite (Free!)
It’s an app where you add a new item and it puts at the bottom of your list. And that’s it. No reminders, no categories, nothing. Which is great for me because it’s just a list of stuff to do, so no excuses – go do it.

Resolution update

– “Organise trip to Japan and have an amazing time!” On it.
– “Try and do a craft market in London” – tried and got rejected. Booo!

Websites I’ve been enjoying

– Not much. Too busy!

Things to look forward to in November

– JAPAN! Or to be exact: Osaka! Kyoto! Tokyo! Design Festa! Shopping! Coming home :(
– Eh, other stuff might be more exciting once Japan is over.

New Product Round-up

Happy Baubles Christmas Cards
Birthday Calendars
Let’s Make Zines! PDF
Kawaii Paper Packs
2011 Calendar Magnets

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 54
Items sold on Etsy: 17
Items sold on Folksy: 14
Items sold on Dawanda: 25


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