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Hello 2016!


2016 is going to be a fun year for me, mainly because I am finally going back to Japan! I’ll post more about that soon, but here’s a few more of my plans for the year.

Last year’s resolutions/goals were a bit hit and miss. Planning for Japan and getting my digital files back online were easy enough and keeping a blogging calendar has been pretty life changing in keeping me organised – I will also blog about that later. The other two I am rolling over to this year, so…

I have no idea why I failed so badly at this one. I bought fabric, I chose an easy pyjama pattern and I even bought a cool pattern tracer and then it all just sat on my sideboard for 6 months. I am putting my sewing machine back up on my dining table and GETTING ON WITH IT.

Read all the books I own that I haven’t read
There were only 12 of these and I read….one. Useless.

Publish at least two Japan zines/guides
I really want to publish my long form Japan research for you all to use before I go and then do another guide and/or travelogue when I get back.

Try new art forms
I got lovely new Japanese watercolours for Christmas (see image at top!) plus a set of pastels. I bought some acrylics recently and some tiny canvases. I picked up Clip Studio Paint super cheap in their Black Friday sale and I have a drawing tablet literally gathering dust. I hope to have played around with most of these by the end of the year without even thinking about creating things to sell.

Re-organise my websites
My web host for SCK shut it down without warning for a spike in comment spam (cue panicked fixing and begging 3 days before Christmas) and my lovely amazing Asking For Trouble web host got bought up by the horrible terrible internet company I used to work for. I need to find a new web host and move all my sites there and maybe even finally just face the fear and change my business over to I could do with a redesign too.

I hope you’ll stick around to see how I do! If there’s one thing I never need to add to my plans it’s blogging as it’s never a chore for me. So expect the usual 3-5 posts a week.

wild world fortune

We were having a look at our old Animal Crossing Wild World towns on New Year’s Day and I got a Super Lucky fortune so let’s hope that comes true.


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