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It may be a long wait until my book is published but I have two new zines coming out soon to tide you over.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

If you enjoyed my 100 Day Project, you’ll be able to pick up this little book that features all 100 characters. I think it’s nice to have a physical record of a big online project like this since I spent so much time and effort on it. This will be the main item in my next surprise box, which will include all-new and exclusive items featuring my newest characters. I’m aiming to have them ready for the end of the month so look out for that. I’ll also have extra books in my shop.

Japan character cafes - marceline smith

My Japan Favourites

My next Japan trip is now somehow happening next month (eek!) so I think of very little else. I had a list of blog post ideas that I wouldn’t now have time to share so instead I’ve written them up into a zine. It’s a mix of things I’m looking forward to and highlights from previous trips.

I’ll share more details soon but here’s a look at some illustrations I’ve been doing for a page about cute food we plan to eat. It’s been a fun change to draw things based on promotional photos – it’s a lot less effort than original characters.

This zine will be part of the September rewards in my Trouble Club on Patreon and will then be available to everyone just before I leave for Japan at the end of October. There will be a very limited run of print zines too.

I hope you’re excited to see these – it’s nice to be making zines again!

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