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Black Friday Offers

Here’s what’s happening for Black Friday. My Seconds & Samples Sale is now live. I have discounts throughout the year so I wanted to do something different and dug up some fun stuff to share. Buy any 4 items and you’ll get the cheapest one free!

Here’s some of what’s available:

Black Friday

 Limited edition samples – these are perfect items that were one offs or the last of limited edition items from surprise boxes etc. There’s Party Rings badges, double-sided craft paper, DIY tea towel calendars and more.

Black Friday

 Last Chance – products and designs that are being discontinued so you won’t be able to buy these again. There’s tons of these including wooden pins, polymer stamps, sticker sheets, stationery and gift wrap.

Black Friday

Seconds – these have printing issues, cosmetic flaws or slight damage that doesn’t affect their use. There’s wooden pins with little chips in the print, polymer stamps with incorrect laser cutting, notepads with uneven printing and more.

kawaii stationery set

There’s also some general discounts on things I want to clear out and a special Trouble Club stationery set with all the exclusive prints and postcards from this year. This is your only chance to buy these without joining my Patreon. You can shop the whole sale here.


More Black Friday Discounts

There’s also big discounts at my on-demand partners. Today will have the biggest offers but check over the weekend and on Cyber Monday too. 

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