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October 2021 Recap

Here’s a look back at what happened in October on my blog and social media, if you missed anything.

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My favourite photos

  • My Halloween mantelpiece with lots of new Pusheen Box items
  • Making Japan Centre DIY food kits with Nicolette (see SCK posts below)
  • A colourful toadstool friend in the garden – it pops up every year

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This month’s blog posts

My posts on Super Cute Kawaii

Other Things I Wrote

I’m still updating my Breath of the Wild tumblr daily – I’m almost at 100 days of play now with the main game finished. Still LOTS MORE to come (and all still very spoilery – if you might get the game in future, please don’t read this).

I don’t feel like writing about the books I read in October yet but you can see them on Goodreads. I’m still 5 books behind schedule!

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