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Home Improvements Part 2

I’ve been in my current flat for 8 years now and I’m still figuring out how best to use the space. I recently changed up another area so let’s have a look at how it all came together. Here’s part 1.

sewing storage area
BEFORE – my sewing storage corner

This is part of my huge living room, the main room where I spend most of my time when not sleeping, packing orders or doing computer-based stuff. This area is meant for a dining table but in 2015 I used an old TV unit of my dad’s to create a sewing/craft storage area, which also doubled as my Christmas tree display area every December. (I really do blog about everything!)

clearing out
BEFORE – getting ready to replace the furniture

Over the years, this area became a bit of a dumping ground with my bike, stepladder and piles of boxes. This got even worse during the pandemic as much of it was things I wasn’t able to get rid of as the recycling centre is too far away. My mum suggested I put a bigger storage unit in there to make better use of the height and I eventually realised this was a great idea. A 4×4 Kallax unit would fit the wall perfectly so we got that set up and I had the fun task of going through all my boxes and rearranging everything.

KALLAX ikea unit

Doesn’t it look good?! There was so much space here that I was also able to get rid of an old bookcase near the window. The intense sunlight was leeching all the colour from the spines so this is much safer.

TJABBA magazine file boxes

I didn’t really have any money to spend on this but it came together quite cheaply (I spent £108.50 altogether). I adore the TJABBA magazine file boxes and they’re a mere 50p for 2! The polka dot bins were another cheap option and have all my fabric and my spare comforter. I may add some sturdier boxes, cupboards etc. later once I get a better idea of how I’m using this.

Pusheen Box
Pusheen Box as storage

I was super happy to find that a few of my Pusheen Boxes fit. I love using these for storage as they’re much cuter than normal storage boxes. They mostly have stationery and ephemera inside.

craft supplies
Craft supplies and Pusheen Box vinyl toys

Other cubes have themed sets of books (with other less-exciting books hidden behind) or displays of nice/cute things I own, like my dollhouse or these craft supplies. I also moved in some of my many Pusheen Box vinyl toys. I already keep rearranging things and there’s lots of space to add or change up things in future. I have a few ideas of things to do at Christmas.

globe display
Globe and Deth P Sun screenprint

I had planned to move my pictures over to the next wall but was able to swap them with pictures from my bedroom that juuust fit on the same nails. I think it looks good for now and it also stops me from putting too many things on top and making it all look too messy.

Music books – you can see how bad the sunlight was from the book on the right :(

I’m really happy with how this turned out and can’t stop admiring it. I did have to move my bike and stepladder back in there after these photos but it’s still so much better. Next on my list, the other end of my living room, rearranging my type drawer of tiny things and some studio updates.


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