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2023 Plans & Goals

I had a no goals year last year, which was an interesting experiment, and made me feel more content with my life and business – and general lack of ambition. However, it was also a bit of an aimless year. So here’s some thoughts about what I want to do this year, and a look at some of my random achievements.

Animal Crossing new year
The only reason I stay up until midnight on Hogmanay! I’m gutted they didn’t make a 2023 balloon arch. I guess this game really is dead now but I still need one more painting for the museum!

2022 Achievements

I enjoyed doing this last year so have saved up some graphics from various apps and sites I use.

Duolingo stats

Duolingo – Oh no, I was in the top 4% last year! These stats seem fairly meaningless but I’m still proud to be keeping up with my daily German lessons. My unbroken streak is nearly at 1400 days as I write this. I’m definitely getting better at reading and understanding but I will never ever be able to remember all the gender-based stuff and I’m okay with that.

Etsy year in review

Etsy – I reached 8000 sales in my Etsy shop! Time to make 10,000 a business goal, I guess. I also shipped to 21 different countries! Presumably just in 2022? Who knows.

Nintendo year in review

Nintendo – My most played games were….basically the same as last year! I am so boring, and also can’t afford new games. I did also get back into playing Ring Fit Adventure and feel a little less slothful for it.

Super Cute Kawaii – I’ve now written over 2000 blog posts (over 14 years)! That’s also at least 500 more posts than everyone else who has ever written for SCK combined. Sometimes I feel bad that I haven’t published a zine for over a year but that’s a lot of words.

2023 Goals

As well as my reading and craft goals, I have come up with 10 business, personal and random ones, in no particular order.

  • Publish a zine
  • Go through my product/character/design ideas and make a list of things to work on
  • Go swimming at the new leisure centre
  • Think about starting a journal to remember stuff I do
  • Travel more (I have plans to visit Berlin but some smaller overnight trips would be cool)
  • Try some new recipes, especially from my cookbooks
  • Send more personal mail (and reply to my mail more quickly)
  • Sort out my studio (it’s a mess!)
  • Redesign this blog to learn how to use the new WordPress theme builder
  • Make gifts with those Christmas things I bought a few years ago (they’re in the decorations box!)

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