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After a bit of a break, I’m back to crafting so here’s a look at what I’ve finished and what I’m working on now.

embroidery kit

I’m getting down to the bottom of my hoop art pile and there’s only one left to complete now. This one was a free kit with Mollie Makes magazine, from all the way back in 2019. Thankfully, you can easily find the instructions and templates online because I obviously didn’t think to keep the magazine! It’s by Jenny Blair and the combination of embroidery over felt made a nice change from my other embroidery projects.

I didn’t really enjoy making this though – the backing fabric is so cheap and white always looks grubby in photos. I wish I had thought to transfer it on to another piece of fabric. The pattern lines are also really thick and black so it’s hard to cover over them with the stitches and felt. I was very happy to (re?)learn split stitch though and will definitely be using that a lot more in future. Glad to have finally made this but I don’t think it will be part of my gallery wall.

zelda tapestry

I felt like a break from embroidery next and actually dusted off (literally!) something even older. It took me a while to dig up the above photo but I started it in early 2015, not long after I moved to Helensburgh! I had been doing a lot of tapestry and this was to be my next big project. I only got this far before abandoning it.

zelda tapestry

Here’s how it’s looking now after just a few hours over the weekend. I had forgotten how fast tapestry is and it’s much easier on the eyes since the holes and wool are much bigger. So what the heck is it I’m stitching?

Link's Awakening wind fish tapestry

If you’re none the wiser, it’s from Link’s Awakening, one of my all time favourite games. This is on the wall in a shrine and gives you a big hint about what’s going on in this weird world of the Wind Fish. I always loved it and knew it would be a cool thing to stitch. As you can see, there’s a lot of grey stone, but I will get to some colour very soon! It’s the perfect time to restart this as Tears of the Kingdom is out this week and it’s also Grand Tour season. If only I didn’t have to….work and earn money, I’d be all set for the summer.

I drafted this pattern myself but there’s a couple of Etsy sellers who have a cross stitch pattern you can buy, in b/w or colour. Look out for more Zelda crafts on Super Cute Kawaii this Friday as I’m working on a post.


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