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How do my on-demand products hold up?

Today's #ctmonthinthelife vignette - things I've designed that I use all the time! @zazzle bunny squares laptop case, 5 A Day tote bag, vintage buttons Keds, prototype coin purse, @denydesigns sun coaster, Zazzle planet wallet, @society6 cupcake iPhone ca

Since I’ve bought and been gifted quite a few of my products from DENY Designs, Society6 and Zazzle, I thought it might be interesting to see how they’ve coped with everyday use.

deny designs

DENY pillow – received December 2012

It’s been in use since it arrived, but mostly decorative until I moved. It was always a bit floppy so it’s quite creased but nothing a quick wash and iron wouldn’t solve. The zip and seams are still perfect and the design hasn’t faded at all. Original review | Buy my DENY pillows

DENY designs coasters

DENY coasters – received December 2013

These have been used daily since I moved into my own place in March. One has a tiny chip missing from the design and they need a regular wipe down to remove drips and dust, but otherwise they are still in perfect condition. Original review | Buy my DENY coasters

society6 iphone case

Society6 Casemate iPhone Case – received October 2013

This case has been amazing! I’m really so impressed with the quality. My previous Society6 case was a bit of a mess by the time I upgraded and never quite fitted properly. The new versions are loads better with cushioned inserts and raised sides. I keep my phone in my trouser pocket and put it down all over the house and yet there’s barely a scratch on the case (especially compared with my screen protector). It still fits well and looks great, though collecting a bit of dust inside, and my iPhone is in perfect condition. It also adds a nice heft that means my naked iPhone feels horribly fragile without it. I really really recommend these, and you can get them for Android phones too. I hope you like my Photoshop skills there in the photo too – I do only have one case. Original review | Buy my Society6 iPhone cases

society6 clock

Society6 clock – received March 2014

I feel a bit silly including this as it’s just been hanging on my wall for 6 months and I’m not sure what really could have happened since then. It still looks awesome and I haven’t had to change the battery yet. I kind of wish I had put numbers on the design as it’s not always immediately obvious, but then that would spoil it a bit. It’s a lovely well-made (wood-framed!) clock for a bargain price and I expect to have it for a long time. Original review | Buy my Society6 clocks

zazzle wallet

Zazzle Wallet – received December 2013

You may remember that the first wallet I ordered fell apart within days but Zazzle replaced it immediately. This gets a lot of use and I’m always moving it in and out of bags and pockets. Taking these photos, I noticed the same seam is starting to fail – it’s where the most stress is, from the velcro so I suppose it’s always going to be an issue. The corner of one of my cards is starting to poke a hole through the fabric there too. The rest of the wallet looks great though, and the front design hasn’t faded or scuffed. At £8.50, I’m not really complaining if I have to replace this every year, plus I can get a different design next time. Original review | Buy my Zazzle wallets

Bunny Squares laptop case

Zazzle Laptop Sleeve – received July 2012

I didn’t even bother taking a new photo of this because it is still in pristine condition! I don’t really take my laptop out much so this hasn’t seen a huge amount of use, but I do tuck it away in here when I go on holiday and it’s been on a few trips. It’s still a beautiful case with coloured piping and the softest furry interior. The print quality is great too and you can customise so many things. It’s one of the most expensive things I’ve bought from Zazzle but definitely worth the money. Available for iPads too. Original review | Buy my Zazzle sleeves

zazzle custom keds

Zazzle Custom Keds – received 2010

It’s cruel to include these as Zazzle discontinued them (and never made good on their promise to find a replacement). I’m lucky enough to have three pairs and they’ve aged quite well. I only wear the vintage buttons on a regular basis and they’re still looking almost brand-new, thanks to the grey design. The Cakeify ones are a bit grubby and the bee & tulip ones are a bit squashed from being in my clothes storage. They don’t fit quite as well as the others so I rarely wear them. If Zazzle or Keds brought these back I would definitely order more. Original review 1 | Original review 2 

Have you ordered any of my on-demand products? How are they holding up? Next time I visit my parents, I will have to take some photos of their stuff.


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