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April Round Up


April was a bit odd – an awesome birthday trip, a big block of amazingly warm weather and then the flu and the return of winter.

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Added to my Wish List: Textiles

textile wishlist

Skinny laMinx block-printed scarf | Cotton + Steel bunny fabric
Kokka apple fabric | IKEA Tofsviva duvet cover


Still re-reading the Wheel of Time and I’m on book 8 now. I also caught up on a lot of magazine reading.

Unread books update: 0 down, 0 added


Going Clear
HBO documentary of the Scientology book of the same name. I’m not sure which is more shocking – the book goes into way more detail but the film has the actual people telling their stories and some jawdropping footage of church events. It won’t be shown in the UK because of libel laws so you should seek it out on the interwebs. Good article on it here.

Back in Time for Dinner
I have no idea why I even started watching this as I generally hate reality type shows, but this one was great since they somehow found a completely normal likeable sensible family to take part, so there was barely any drama and even the kids had intelligent thoughts about everything. Basically one family following the diets and innovations year on year from the 50s to the present day, based on the national food survey. It was all pretty interesting, especially if you’re over 30.

Netflix Month

I prefer Lovefilm’s catalogue to Netflix, but I restart my membership for a month a couple of times a year to catch up on stuff. This month was partly flu-related so that I could spend all day rewatching The (US) Office and Wreck-It Ralph (both still awesome), but also so I could watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I heard great things about. Ellie Kemper is always a delight, and I want all of Kimmy’s clothes but the series was a bit hit and miss. Will definitely be checking out S2 though.

What Did Lovefilm send me?

Silicon Valley, which got better and better and it’s going to be a long wait for S2 DVD. If you like web/techy stuff, you should watch it. Veep S3, which I always enjoy watching but never get very excited about.


The most bizarre thing that happened this month was discovering that Daphne & Celeste (yes, that Daphne & Celeste) had a new single out with Max Tundra (who once beat me at Giant Connect 4) and it’s great!

How was your month?


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