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June 2015

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    June Round Up

    Half the year over already! Fave 5 from the blog A visit to two local cottage gardens 1000 sales! My Peapod pouch from Redbubble A look around my house How I do my…

  • Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    I just took that photo a few hours ago as apparently I am turning into one of those people who get up early on a Saturday to do their shopping. The Clyde…

  • Ask Me Anything, Creative Work

    Product Photography

    My product photography has never been too awesome, being more adequate than Pin-worthy. I’ve gone from the usual beginner-level embarrassingly dark photos to the clean white background Photoshop mockups and now I’m back to…

  • On-Demand News

    Planet Earth at Zazzle

    Planet Earth is now available on-demand over at Zazzle. Most excitingly, I discovered you can make these cool matching sets of trays. Spaaaaace! There’s all the usual awesome stuff too, and most of it customisable…

  • Crafts

    Father’s Day Paper Cutting

    Since I made paper cut cards for my mum and granny recently, I thought I should make my dad one for Father’s Day.  I ended up going with Planet Dad and his two…

  • Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    My plans all fell through this week (how dare my hairdresser go on holiday?!) so instead I got back to the big summer task of re-photographing all my products. It’s going quite…

  • Creative Work, Me Me Me

    Behind The Scenes

    If you don’t follow me on Instagram, here’s a few behind the scenes photos I’ve posted recently. After my post on printer problems recently, my card printers did their best mess-up yet.…