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January 2018

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    Price Freeze – What’s Going Up?

    It’s the last week to take advantage of my Price Freeze before I raise some of my prices on February 1st. I have updated my overly complex spreadsheet with all the current…

  • secret crochet club - thepurplefoxboutique
    Happy Customer Photos

    Happy Customer Photos

    Time for a look at some more of your cute photos featuring my products. Let’s start with something fun I was involved in last year – the Secret Crochet Club’s December subscription…

  • Design Work

    New Logo

    You may have noticed that Asking For Trouble has a new logo! I wanted something a bit more bold and colourful to celebrate my second decade in business. Before I talk about…

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    Shop News: Back in Stock & Coming Soon

    Despite the dent to my bank account, one of my favourite January tasks is reordering products that were popular over Christmas. It’s nice to have everything restocked and filled up. Here’s what’s…

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    Christmas Gifts I Made

    It’s a shame that Christmas is the busiest time for all my businesses as it’s really hard to find the time to make unique gifts for friends and family. I did manage…

  • 2018
    Me Me Me

    2018 Plans & Goals

    You’d think I’d learn by now that the universe always has different plans for me that I can never imagine, but I still like to set a few goals for the year.…

  • Books & Zines

    Reading Challenge

    Last year, I decided to join my friends and set a reading challenge on Goodreads for the first time. I went for one book a week and wasn’t entirely confident about reaching it.…