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My crafty makes and projects involving sewing, paper cutting, printmaking and more.

  • window seat

    2016 Craft Plans

    I enjoyed Rebecca’s post at Hugs Are Fun about all her unfinished craft projects and thought I would do something similar. Unlike Rebecca, my issues aren’t so much with finishing projects as…

  • solar system scarf

    Sewing Solar System Scarves

    You may remember I was planning to buy some fabric for a circle/infinity scarf during the Spoonflower free shipping day. After some deliberation, I ordered my Solar System pattern on 2 yards of…

  • Crafts

    Crafty Projects Update

    I have been seriously lacking in craft motivation lately. I have piles of unfinished and unstarted projects that make me feel constantly guilty. Over at Super Cute Kawaii I was offered a…

  • Crafts

    Father’s Day Paper Cutting

    Since I made paper cut cards for my mum and granny recently, I thought I should make my dad one for Father’s Day.  I ended up going with Planet Dad and his two…

  • Crafts, Me Me Me

    Bunny Squares Apron

    Turns out my family kept some surprise birthday gifts back so they could give them to me at Easter. I was definitely surprised! Jan made me an apron with my Bunny Squares fabric…

  • Crafts


    I have been talking about making pompoms for ages now and I finally got around to it. I ended up ordering a set of smaller pompom makers as the one I had…

  • Crafts, Home Sweet Home

    Sewing Storage

    You may remember I have a nook in my living room that is probably meant for a dining table (mine is in the bay window instead) but in the year I’ve lived…

  • Crafts

    Happy Pancake Day!

    You know those moments when you wonder if you’ve gone mental or if you have the most fun job ever? This is perhaps both. It was also much more difficult than I…

  • Crafts

    Behind The Scenes

    I’ve been re-ordering a lot of products that sold out over Christmas and my desk has been piling up with things to package and make. I took a few photos while I worked so here’s…