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    Me Me Me

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    It’s my birthday today so no wrap up post as I’m off having fun in Edinburgh. Since it’s a special occasion, you can get 25% off everything in my shop (except digital files…

  • mantelpiece
    Home Sweet Home

    Springtime Mantelpiece

    It really is starting to feel like spring is here so I decided to change up my mantelpiece display to more of a springtime theme. That of course means lots of bunnies, including one…

  • mt fuji

    Mt Fuji & Neko Box

    Look who’s made a new friend! I get to review a lot of fun stuff for Super Cute Kawaii and was recently sent a whole box of Mt Fuji themed treats from…

  • pusheen scarf

    Recent Purchases

    I haven’t been spending too much on myself lately since I bought an iPad, but I have picked up a few things. My other biggest recent purchase was the Pusheen Box. I’ve been…

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    Me Me Me

    Reading Challenge Update

    After failing my reading resolutions the last couple of years, I’m doing so much better this year and wanted to update. While I’ve been on Goodreads for years, this is the first time…

  • rabi-dango
    Me Me Me

    My Favourite Christmas Presents

    I don’t know what happened this year but I got a lot of Christmas presents and they were all amazing. Here’s a few of my favourites. Look at this grumpy bunny! It’s…

  • tea towel calendar
    Me Me Me

    Hello 2017!

    No fun little piece of artwork dashed off with my new art supplies this year as a) I didn’t get any new art supplies and b) I am in bed with a…

  • Creative Work, Me Me Me

    Goodbye 2016

    While 2016 was undeniably a bit of a disaster for humanity, it was a great year for me personally and professionally, not least because I went back to Japan! Let’s have a look…

  • christmas decorations
    Home Sweet Home

    Christmas Decorations

    I  already posted about my decorations in 2015 and 2014 but I have a few new additions and I arranged things a little differently so let’s do it again! I took over my entire…

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    Me Me Me

    Meet The Maker Week

    I recently took part in Meet The Maker Week, an Instagram photo challenge set by Joanne Hawker. If you missed it, here’s my posts, plus you can find out how I pack…