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  • kawaii enamel pins

    Recent Purchases: July & August

    Here’s a look at what I’ve been buying lately. Let’s check in on my enamel pin collection first – and look at how warped the frame got during the heatwave! I’m hoping…

  • wooden ghost lock protector
    Home Sweet Home

    Ghost Padlock Protector

    I can’t believe I never blogged about my Ghost padlock protector! He’s just returned to his post on the shed after a trip to the hospital so let’s look at some photos…

  • kawaii ghost enamel pin

    Recent Purchases: May & June

    I’ve been allowing myself a few fun purchases this month so here’s what I’ve been buying. My Little Ghost is good friends with Spooky McCute so I had to pick up his…

  • helensburgh
    Me Me Me


    I feel like I’ve been very quiet online lately and people might start thinking either something bad has happened or I’m super duper busy. The reality is just that things are good,…

  • kawaii bullet journal
    Me Me Me

    Bullet Journal Update

    It’s been a few months since I started using a bullet journal so I thought it might be a good time to share how I’m getting on with it. Again, sorry for the…

  • my favourite blogs
    Me Me Me

    My Favourite Blogs

    Todays March Meet The Maker prompt is Books, Blogs & Podcasts. I write about every book I read, and I don’t listen to podcasts, but I really love blogs and rarely talk…

  • enamel pins

    Recent Purchases – February

    Let’s see what I’ve been spending my money on lately. I’ve been pretty good since it’s my birthday later this month. There was no way I could resist the collaboration pin between…

  • march meet the maker
    Me Me Me

    March Meet The Maker

    Just a reminder that I’m taking part in March Meet The Maker again over on Instagram. This is my second year doing it and I’m trying to post new photos and come up…