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  • halloween happy mail
    Shopping, Surprise Mail Swap

    Recent Happy Mail

    Here’s some cute mail packages I’ve received lately from friends and Patreons. It’s taken me ages to photograph everything so we’re going back to Halloween and this spooky package from Phoenix. She…

  • Redbubble socks

    Redbubble Socks Review

    As promised, here’s a full review of the Redbubble socks I ordered recently. It was tough to choose from my almost-100 designs but I went for Happy Mail as I do spend…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases

    I’ve been buying so much cute and cool stuff lately that I’ve had to hold some things back for a separate post. Let’s have a look at everything else, chronologically. I’m so…

  • what's in my bag
    Me Me Me

    What’s In My Bag?

    Ever since I got my new bag, I’ve had so many places to be so here’s what’s currently in my bag for all those trains, planes and ferries! Cath Kidston bag (as…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases & Gifts

    Here’s a few things I’ve bought lately, and some gifts too. I love my new bag from Cath Kidston so much! I’ve been using my fox handbag for 3 years now and…

  • patreon new work
    Me Me Me

    2019 Plans & Goals Update

    We’re more than half way through 2019 so I thought I should check in on the plans and goals I set in January to see how I’m getting on. Going Well Create…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases

    I haven’t done one of these for ages! Here’s some of the fun things I’ve been buying, mostly from my recent trip to London. I have talked myself out of buying this…

  • Me Me Me


    When I was putting together my 11 Years of Blogging post, I noticed a post from last May that is very similar to how I’m feeling this month. Social media is still…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases

    It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this month (mostly because the weather is so nice!) so here’s some of the fun things I’ve been buying lately. I haven’t been buying…