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  • Shopping

    Craft Kits Wish List

    I’d like to get back to sharing wish list favourites from Etsy and beyond – I do a lot of this for Super Cute Kawaii but not everything I see is kawaii…

  • Christmas presents
    Me Me Me, Shopping

    My Christmas Gifts & Buys

    Here’s a little roundup of all my Christmas gifts – and some things I gifted to myself! This is (most of) my Christmas Day haul from my dad, his partner and Nicolette.…

  • hello 2020
    Creative Work, Me Me Me

    2020 Plans & Goals

    My 2019 plans & goals were a bit hit and miss. This update is pretty much how it all worked out, though I did complete my reading challenge, create more characters/patterns and…

  • marcelinesmith
    Me Me Me

    My 2019 Video

    Here’s my full 1 Second Every Day video for 2019! I can’t believe I managed to record something (almost) every day for a whole year and it’s so fun to look back…

  • marcelinesmith
    Creative Work, Me Me Me

    2009 vs 2019

    I’ve been enjoying the 2009 vs 2019 art posts people have been sharing on social media and had to have a look back at my own. The first thing I noticed was…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases

    One last round-up of cute things I’ve been buying. I didn’t do a lot of Black Friday shopping but I made my first order with the Kakao Friends European web store for…

  • halloween happy mail
    Shopping, Surprise Mail Swap

    Recent Happy Mail

    Here’s some cute mail packages I’ve received lately from friends and Patreons. It’s taken me ages to photograph everything so we’re going back to Halloween and this spooky package from Phoenix. She…

  • Redbubble socks

    Redbubble Socks Review

    As promised, here’s a full review of the Redbubble socks I ordered recently. It was tough to choose from my almost-100 designs but I went for Happy Mail as I do spend…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases

    I’ve been buying so much cute and cool stuff lately that I’ve had to hold some things back for a separate post. Let’s have a look at everything else, chronologically. I’m so…

  • what's in my bag
    Me Me Me

    What’s In My Bag?

    Ever since I got my new bag, I’ve had so many places to be so here’s what’s currently in my bag for all those trains, planes and ferries! Cath Kidston bag (as…