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  • tokyo manhole cover print

    Recent Purchases: July-September

    Let’s see what I’ve been spending my money on this summer. Well, enamel pins obviously! Here’s how my cork board currently looks. There’s a few new pins from Hyper Japan, OMOCAT and…

  • colourmyeveryday - marcelinesmith
    Me Me Me


    Throughout June I took part in ColourMyEveryDay on Instagram, a daily photo challenge by Adventures and Tea Parties. It was great to have an excuse to share more of my colourful belongings!…

  • mofutans - pink samurai pins - marcelinesmith

    Recent Purchases: April-June

    Another round up of stuff I’ve been buying. As you know, Easter is my favourite holiday so it was impossible to resist buying The Pink Samurai‘s easter enamel pins. I think I…

  • helensburgh
    Me Me Me

    Blossom Hunting

    It has felt like the longest winter ever but last year’s blossom hunting walk was almost exactly a year ago so I guess this is just how long it lasts now (it…

  • marceline avatar
    Me Me Me

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    It’s my birthday today so no wrap up post as I’m off having fun in Edinburgh. Since it’s a special occasion, you can get 25% off everything in my shop (except digital files…

  • mantelpiece
    Home Sweet Home

    Springtime Mantelpiece

    It really is starting to feel like spring is here so I decided to change up my mantelpiece display to more of a springtime theme. That of course means lots of bunnies, including one…

  • mt fuji

    Mt Fuji & Neko Box

    Look who’s made a new friend! I get to review a lot of fun stuff for Super Cute Kawaii and was recently sent a whole box of Mt Fuji themed treats from…

  • pusheen scarf

    Recent Purchases

    I haven’t been spending too much on myself lately since I bought an iPad, but I have picked up a few things. My other biggest recent purchase was the Pusheen Box. I’ve been…