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My latest products, designs and creative ideas.

  • Trouble Club Patreon
    Trouble Club

    Next Month on Patreon

    Here’s what’s coming up throughout February if you join my Trouble Club on Patreon. Things have changed this year and there are no longer any Happy Mail tiers. Instead, Patreon is more about…

  • hello 2020
    Creative Work, Me Me Me

    2020 Plans & Goals

    My 2019 plans & goals were a bit hit and miss. This update is pretty much how it all worked out, though I did complete my reading challenge, create more characters/patterns and…

  • marcelinesmith
    Creative Work, Me Me Me

    2009 vs 2019

    I’ve been enjoying the 2009 vs 2019 art posts people have been sharing on social media and had to have a look back at my own. The first thing I noticed was…

  • Creative Work

    Goodbye 2019

    The world is even more terrible than last year but I still managed to have some good times. Let’s have a look back. January I started the year by setting some 2019…

  • printable Ghost paper doll
    Trouble Club

    Cosy Home Patreon Projects

    October was Cosy Home Month on my Patreon so let’s have a look back at what I was working on. Happy Mail My Mail Box patrons received some fun stationery from my trip to…

  • happy mail
    Trouble Club

    Spooky Autumn Patreon Projects

    August was Spooky Autumn Month on my Patreon so let’s have a look back at what I was working on. Hugging Ghosts Inspired by a customer doodle request, I had a happy hugging ghost…

  • Link's Awakening
    Creative Work


    You may have noticed I’ve been blogging less often/reliably this year. There’s no real reason for it – I’m just both busy and enjoying doing less online. Here’s a round-up of what…